If you’re on the market for quartz countertops, you’ve certainly heard of Cambria. One of the only brands to sell American made quartz countertops, Cambria is renowned for the quality of its products and for producing surfaces that are able to almost perfectly mimic other natural materials.

Cambria focuses on premium options only distributed through manufacturers. You won’t find it in big stores like home depot and lowe’s. Funny enough, the company started on the dairy business in 1936, and it’s been for 18 years on the surface market now, offering 133+ different designs.

But what is it that is making this brand more popular than ever right now?

Meet Cambria Brittanicca

Cambria’s most popular quartz countertop design is a big part of the reason. Brittanicca offers a creamy marble look with a perfect white where islands and peninsulas meander among intertwining ashen veins dotted with veiled charcoal speckles. One look at it and you’re stricken by how beautiful it is.

The pictures on this post are from projects we have used Brittanicca on in Sarasota.

Nevertheless, Brittanicca is not the only reason to shop for Cambria countertops. Other characteristics make it very attractive as well.

If you’re wondering whether Cambria is the best option for your kitchen, there’s no better way to decide it than to come check out some options for yourself.

Where to shop for Cambria Countertops in Sarasota and Manatee?

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