If you’re here, you already know granite is a great countertop material, a natural stone whose traits make it perfect for the kitchen. Nevertheless, we have put together a list of 13 facts on granite you probably never heard off that will boost the respect you have for the stone.

1 – Granite is the oldest igneous rock in the world

facts on granite, it's made from lava and magma

Igneous rocks are formed by lava or magma that has cooled down.

We’re talking 300 million years ago! When you take a granite slab home, you’re taking thousands of years of earths history. 

2 – Granite is a plutonic rock

Have you ever heard of Pluto? Plutonic rocks take their name from the roman god of the underworld and wealth (precious stones). 

Those are igneous rocks that solidified at great depth (many kilometers into the earth). Magma rises from underneath (bringing together minerals and precious metals) melting through older rocks and slowly cools down over thousands of years. 

Plutonic rocks are the most common rocks on earth, and although not all of them are called granite, commercially it’s normal to see they called so.

3 – Granite’s white grains are feldspar

Feldspar makes up for over 50% of earth’s crust. You’ve got to respect that.

4 – Granite is named after its grain like pattern

The word “granite” derives from the Latin word “granum”, meaning “a coarse grain”.

5 – Granite is ultra dense

With a specific weight of around 162 pounds per cubic foot, granite weights more than double its volume in water.

6 – Granite is one of the hardest substances found on earth

One of the few materials that can scratch granite is diamond. 

7 – The pedestal of the Statue of Liberty is made from granite

granite pedestal on statue of liberty

No comments here. It’s just amazing!

8 – Granite was the reason the first commercial railroad in the US was built

Have you ever heard of the “Granite Railway” of Quincy, MA?

9 – Curling stones are made of granite

a granite curling stone

Apparently Scottish Island granite makes the best curling stones. More specifically Blue Hone granite, from the island of Ailsa Craig near Scotland. 

10 – The third-highest mountain in the world is made of Granite

Its name is Kangchenjunga in the Himalayas, it’s altitude is 8,586 meters.

11 – Mount Rushmore is sculpted out of Granite

Another amusing and amazing fact.

12 – The Palacio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial is the largest solid granite building in the world

facts on granite

You can visit it in Madrid, Spain.

13 – Granite can actually damage knives

The main reason you should use a cutting pad when preparing food on granite is to protect your knives.

Wow! What a countertop material, right? One of the main reasons for choosing granite is all the natural depth and complexity it brings to your interiors.

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