Granite In The Kitchen: The Pros & Cons

Granite In The Kitchen: The Pros & Cons

Since becoming massively popular in the 90s, granite has delivered luxury and beauty to millions of American kitchens and still bears the title of the most popular countertop material. Using granite in the kitchen became a sort of obsession for kitchen remodelers, which leads us to question. Does this natural stone really deserve its place in the heart of American homeowners?

We will tackle this question in this article by presenting all the arguments, for and against the usage of granite in kitchens. We will lay down all the pros and cons you need to bear in mind before deciding on your newest countertop material.

Granite can work well in a lot of situations, because it’s a great material overall. Do you want to know more? Then you should read our definitive guide on granite countertops!

What is Granite Anyway?

Granite is an igneous rock, a natural stone formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava and mainly composed of quartz, feldspar, and mica. 

A beautiful granite slab in our stone yard.

Granite slabs are beautiful right? You’ve got to respect the fact that before arriving in the local suppliers, they’ve come a long way. Originating mostly from Brazil and India, the rock was extracted, sliced, processed and polished to become what you can see and shop for.

Due to its natural origination, granite presents a very particular set of qualities that make it an excellent countertop choice.

The Pros Of Using Granite In The Kitchen

These traits are responsible for granite’s popularity in the kitchen.

Unique Appearance

Whether you like its freckled appearance or not, one thing is a fact. Each slab of granite will present a completely unique look, created by mother nature itself. 

Moreover, most people will agree that there are beautiful options among the countless varieties of granite one can get. To top it off, few other materials can match its timeless appeal. 

If you pick granite for your kitchen, you know its design is going to age well.


A kitchen countertop is indeed a working surface, a lot of food prep is done there every day and it involves slicing, tearing, smashing and etc. At the same time, you want it to remain a beautiful surface, one that’s able to transmit feelings of cleanliness, and a scratched countertop would kill that vibe.

Due to its high hardness, granite excels as a kitchen surface material, being able to remain free of scratches, even though it’s constantly harassed by knives and silverware.

Heat Resistance

Another reason using granite in the kitchen is such a common choice is the convenience of being able to place a hot pan on it and knowing it won’t damage it at all.

Also, with eating fast meals on a kitchen island becoming more and more common, having it made in granite only makes appreciating hot dishes easier.


Granite can stand the test of time, in all possible aspects. It lasts longer than a lifetime, it ages well and it won’t break or crack unless one of its corners takes a really heavy blow. 

If you feel the shine of your stone going away, or if you somehow managed to scratch it, it can always be polished again. All factors considering your investment in granite will continue with you for the longest of times.

Stain Resistance

If properly sealed and taken care of, nothing will stain your kitchen’s granite countertop, it won’t absorb liquids or acids.

We know, you might be wondering what does it mean, to have your working surface properly sealed, so move on to the next topic.

Low Maintenance

The stone won’t bother you much, since it only requires common cleaning with soap and water and eventual sealing. 

The sealing process is quite simple, and will only have to be done once every few years, depending on the specific variety and situation of a countertop.

Find out all about how and when to seal granite here.

It Adds Value To Your Home

American homeowners still consider houses with granite countertops to be more valuable. Not that all the investment will be recouped, but research indicates at least 57% of it to return in home value.

Think about how convenient it is to remove a hot dish from the oven and share it with your family on this island?

The Cons Of Using Granite In The Kitchen

Most of the concerns involving using granite as a kitchen countertop have to do with the necessity of sealing. Left unsealed, granite will be susceptible to stains and even bacterias.

And of course, there’s the price tag. According to the always updated people at Houzz, the cost of installing a granite counter nowadays can vary from $59 to $78 per square foot.

Although the price for installing granite countertops is now more accessible than ever, it still means a big investment.

Is Using Granite In The Kitchen Worth It?

As you could probably gather from the number of arguments for it, we think it’s a great idea. But can you blame us? Not only granite is beautiful, but it’s also convenient and financially a good choice.

The only reason not to go for it is in case you don’t like its appearance. And if that’s the case, have you ever considered quartzite? It’s also a natural stone and one that is even harder than granite. Find all about quartzite here.

If you’re living around Sarasota, Fl, and are considering upgrading your countertop, we can think of no good reason for you not to visit our showroom. Can we interest you in a coffee? We will be waiting for you here.

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