How to seal a crack in a granite countertop

How to seal a crack in a granite countertop

Granite countertops are what sets the mood in our kitchen. They are beautiful, durable and low maintenance. And this functional piece can be styled to give the brand new, modern look your kitchen deserves.

Even though they are known for their lifelong durability, they can still break if not properly cared for. But there’s no need to be worried, it can be easily fixed in most cases, in an affordable and quick way!

So in this article you will know how to take care of your granite countertop and prevent cracks, the dos and don’ts of it and, if it does, how to seal a crack in granite countertops.

The good thing is that those cracks aren’t going to make your granite countertop not last as long. It’s a pretty stone and it can take a lot of beating. Do you want to know more? Then be sure to check out our definitive guide on granite countertops!

First, how to figure out if it’s cracked or not?

When I tell you that you will know when it is cracked, believe me. But if you’re a new owner of a granite countertop, you might mistake cracks for fissures. And one needs immediate repair, and the other doesn’t.


They are really thin lines that you can either feel with your fingers or not. Most times, they can only be seen by angle and don’t hurt when you touch them. These are not dangerous or cause any harm to the stone itself.

Fissures can even be natural and already come with the piece. Forming between the crystals in the granite, as they form, they might show when the piece is cut. If they are noticeable enough, the supplier would fill them with epoxy beforehand. They don’t mean any harm to the granite, since they don’t go all the way through. So if it is just for aesthetic reasons, you could polish your countertop or actually just put some epoxy or resin on top of it.


A crack is something really visible. It might feel and look rough on the edges, and it goes very deep. If the stone feels wobbly, try to not move it, or it can make a bigger crack. These will appear mostly around stress areas, specially in those with no support under it. They also look straighter than fissures, and don’t go around the crystals, but through them.

Test it! If you think you could lose a key in it, it is a crack. Pass your nail through it and if it “catches” it, it is a crack. If both sides are not leveled, it is a crack!

Now that you know what it is, let’s learn how to Seal a Crack!

Once you figure out if it is a crack, you can search for the material to fix it on the internet or in a specialized store shop near you. We recommend asking the suppliers about the materials they recommend.

If you want a safer and quicker method, try calling a specialist, you will have a clean and fast job done. But if you want to DIY, you will need these materials:

  • Epoxy or resin (transparent or in a color that matches your stone);
  • Granite Dust (collect it from a slab like yours, usually by sanding it)
  • Paper towels;
  • Painter’s tape;
  • Acetone;
  • Razor blade;

Most of the time, there are full kits that will come with everything you need, except probably the paper towel and the tape. 

Sealing the crack 

  1. First, make sure the area is clean and then put the tape around the crack to prevent the epoxy or resin from spreading everywhere.
  1. Now, do as the instructions for the material you chose says. For epoxy, you most likely will have to mix and pour very quickly, as it hardens fast. But for the resin, you might have some time to put it in place carefully. In this step, you can add the granite dust to the mixture to make it look even more like the one you have. 2 teaspoons might do.
  1. If some of it leaks, clean it with the paper towel, so you can dispose of it after. You can use acetone to get rid of any residues.
  1. Wait 24 hours to make sure it has hardened. Use the razor blade to scrape all the excess. If you missed a spot, fill it again, wait another day and scrape off the excess.
  1. Polish it and have it sealed again to make sure it is as good as new.

You know how to fix it, but how to prevent it from cracking?

If it’s your first time fixing your granite countertop, you feel how hard it can be. You will be more experienced if it happens again, but we sure don’t want that to happen, right? So here is everything you need to know to prevent it.

What can make a granite countertop crack?

These accidents are more common in stress areas, but can happen anywhere. Although grnite slabs are stain, heat and stress resistant, some measures must be taken to prevent cracks and even breaks.


These stones must have support under all their surfaces. If an edge is hanging, even a big pot can make it bend and crack. Leaning on those areas is also risky. They may not hurt anyone, but if a crack is not fixed in time, the whole stone can be lost.


The seal, especially when water-resistant, prevents liquids from sinking into the stone and hurting its integrity. So make sure to seal it when the time comes. It can be an affordable procedure, and it will make your stone last even longer.

Sudden temperature changes

Granite is extremely heat and cold resistant, which makes it great for the kitchen and even outdoors. But a sudden change might make it snap. Don’t ever replace an ice bucket for a hot pot, it can lead to a crack.


Although you can handle the repair yourself, the installation must be done by an expert. This procedure should be performed by a professional who will ensure that it is secure and securely sealed. Even with excellent installation, there is always a potential that damage will occur over time, but the possibilities are much reduced.

Where do I find quality granite with great installation?

At Eagle Stones, you are assured to have professionals taking care of every inch of your brand-new kitchen countertop. If you live near Sarasota, call our experts and have a glimpse of your dream kitchen!

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