A reasonably large kitchen will always benefit from a kitchen island, and every kitchen island can benefit from a granite top!

If you’re thinking about adding an island to your kitchen, you’ve probably got many options in your mind. Depending on the size of the kitchen, ýou might want a small (maybe even movable) island, or maybe you can practically see a huge stationary island in your kitchen every time you look at it. Whatever your choice is, granite is a great countertop option to outfit it.

Stay with us as we talk about kitchen island granite tops, all they can bring to your interiors, and share with you some inspiration pics.

Kitchen Islands: The what and the why

A kitchen island is a freestanding space, normally installed in the middle of the kitchen that’s open on all sides. It can be affixed to the floor, or movable, full of storage area, or open, home of many appliances, or just a working surface, designed as a seating area, or as something unique. 

A simple search for kitchen island will give you an idea of how versatile this kitchen addition is, not only on its design but also when we talk about functionality. There’s so much that can be done, you can use it to prep food, do homework, eat snacks, have friends over, etc.

Why Granite Tops

Natural stone tops, in general, are great working surfaces able to add enormous beauty and complexity to a kitchen. Plus they are durable, last a lifetime and add value to your home.

Out of all natural stones, granite is still the most popular and for a good reason. This amazing stone can be found in numerous hues and colors, and it is ultra-durable.

It’s scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and stain-resistant. Compared to other natural stones granite requires less maintenance and way less frequent sealing

To top it off, it’s not as expensive as marble for instance, since it’s so common on nature.

Kitchen Island Granite Tops

A kitchen island is already in the center of your interior space, adding something there that will capture all looks and impress guests is simply the reasonable thing to do.

We have selected some great kitchen island granite top ideas from Pinterest that you can use as inspiration to start dreaming about your very own island.

Curved Granite Top

A glance is enough to notice the deep complexity of this granite countertop so much that it’s easy to miss the whole aesthetics of this island.

A curved granite top is a great solution for a smaller corner kitchen, it offers sitting space and it can work as a makeshift bar for a snack or a drink with friends.

Fantasy Brown Granite

This goes as a proof that your design options when choosing granite are not limited at all.

This kitchen island works perfectly with the whole decor of this space, it’s beautiful without stealing all the attention.

Black Granite

As soon as you’re able to take your eyes off the amazing black kitchen island, you will notice that the other countertops of this kitchen are made of traditional gold granite. 

The resulting combination works perfectly, plus if dark granite works in your kitchen too, you’re in for a treat. It’s even easier to take care of.

Gray Granite

Gray countertops are really trending now, and gray granite countertops are strong contenders for your attention.

This somewhat industrial kitchen island fits perfectly where it is.

White Granite

Now, if grays are trending, white countertops are really hot right now. Although this normally means you should direct your attention to marble and quartz, this Alaska White granite countertop proves there are beautiful granite white hues to be considered.

Look For A Stone Supplier Near You

The best way of turning whatever you’re dreaming about in reality is looking for a granite supplier near your home and seeing all the available options yourself.

If you live in Sarasota, Florida, and surrounding areas, we would love to have you at our showroom. Allow us to help turn your dream kitchen a reality.