Natural Stone Colors: How to Make a Good Choice?

Natural Stone Colors: How to Make a Good Choice?

During the last years, natural stone has reliably been the go-to choice for many homeowners when planning their interior and exterior projects. The elegance and versatility of natural stone are unmatched by other materials in the hardscape business. The only question is what colors do you have available with natural stone, and how to make the best possible choice for your project.

In this article, we will discuss those options of colors and how to approach your design to bring your vision to reality. So let’s start talking about the array of colors you have available when working with natural stone, and then focusing on the color of specific stones.

Natural Stone Colors: Options

Natural stone can come in many colors. Although the most commonly found type tends towards more earthly tones of brown, red, and yellow, you can find truly unique color patterns and styles, depending on your supplier.

And that is the first thing to mention about the color of natural stone: it all depends on your supplier.

Between the whitest occurrences of marble and the darkest forms of granite, you can basically find any color in between, if you have the patience to search for it.

So you actually have three factors to consider when choosing a color for your natural stone: color, material, and supplier.

Maybe you need a specific stone, let’s say marble, just to give an example. In this case, you’re going to find a ton of white options of marble. Some can have some slight coloration towards pink, or blue, but it is a very subtle discoloration.

With marble, you can also find some options in black, and it is not impossible to find options where those pink and blue discolorations are not so subtle. However, you’ll have to look hard for it.

And this is where suppliers come in. Your options are only as variable as what suppliers have to offer you, so be ready to spend a good amount of time looking for that perfect color, if you’re very particular about it.

The main difference between the colors of natural stone and man-made materials is in the brightness and purity of the colors. Natural stone will always have some pattern and a mixed combination of colors.

With natural stone, you will hardly find a very bright color like you would with a material that goes through a dyeing process. If you want to keep as natural as possible, you will have to settle for more delicate and intricate patterns.

So, before moving on, there is an important question you have to answer. What is more important to you: color or material?

Natural Stone: Color vs Material

As we previously stated with the marble example, depending on the stone you choose and the supplier you’re working with, you will have different limitations of colors.

On the other hand, if you make the color a priority, it is almost certain that you can find the right natural stone for your project. Again, it might not be as bright as man-made materials, but natural stone can easily find a place in your interior design and hardscape project.

Your priority will change the way you approach the search for your stone. But, one way or another, you’re going to depend on your suppliers and work closely with whomever you choose.

Color of Each Natural Stone

Now that you know that not every shade will be found in every stone, or at least not as easily, we can spend some time talking about the colors of the most common natural stones you can find.

Take marble, for example. Marble is a very pure stone, so it will usually have a more uniform feel to it. Of course, you can still find a slab of marble with intricate patterns and different colors, like the Canyon Sunset, but the vast majority of slabs will tend towards white shades.

Canyon Sunset Marble
Canyon Sunset Marble

On the other hand, granite is a wild card when it comes to colors. Although it is known for its black and white patterns, granite can be found in a wide array of colors. The patterns can also be very complex or simple with granite, making it unpredictable, totally depending on exactly what quarry it comes from.

In another example, let’s say you’re set into acquiring a discreet semi-translucent stone. You will probably find more options of onyx than marble.

What if you want something really different? Like a purple stone. You can find some options in granite, maybe even in slate, or even marble. You can never know.

And that’s the complicated part with colors in natural stone: you can never know.

Here is a table of the most common colors you can find with each natural stone:

GraniteGrey, White, Black
LimestoneBrown, Yellow, Grey (Towards Honey Hues)
MarbleWhite (With Subtle Color Variances)
SlateGrey (Towards blue)
SandstoneGrey, White (Towards Yellow Hues)

It all Comes Down to Your Stone Supplier

You can go really big with your choice of color. You are free to set your mind to use any material you want, with any color you want, envision your project, and go out in search of the perfect natural stone for it. But that’s the thing, depending on what you have in mind, you’ll have to get ready to maybe do a lot of searching.

First, the farther you stray from white and earthly tones, the harder it will be to find the perfect stone. And even if you find it, maybe it won’t be the best material for what you have in mind exactly.

It will all depend on what the suppliers will have to offer you. When acquiring a natural stone slab, we recommend that you go with a general idea of the color you want, choose the right material for the job with the help of your supplier of trust, and then see what options of color you have available.

Going the other way, with your mind set in a highly specific pattern or color, can lead you to a frustrating path. When it comes to natural stone, colors will hardly be simple. They will always have very different patterns and color combinations. And that’s the beauty of it.

Find the Right Combination Colors

Finding the right natural stone is one of the hardest parts of a hardscape project. Not only does it have to be functional and withstand the test of time, but it also has to fit the aesthetic feeling of the project. To many people, finding the right combination of type of stone and color is seen as a fun challenge, but to some it can be a headache.

In that case, maybe your best alternative is to hire professionals to help you with that decision. If you happen to be around Sarasota, in FL, you’re in luck, because here at Eagle Stones we would be happy to lend you a hand with every stone installation, supply and maintenance need you might have.

Call us any time at +1 941-227-2000 or reach us through our email to schedule a visit from one of our professionals.

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