Natural stone countertops and tiles to create unique interior designs

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About Us

Eagle Stones is an innovative company, that specializes in custom fabrication and installation of stone products.

Thoroughly committed to client satisfaction and carrying a passion for stone products that goes down to our roots, we are the right partner for your house renovation projects and interior design upgrades. Keep reading to know more about our trade.

Natural Stones in Interior Design

Natural stone slabs and tiles can be used as countertops, flooring and wall decoration to enrich any of your interior spaces with a quality that has no equal.

Using stone products in interior design will also bring about a number of immediate and long-term benefits, while adding long-lasting value to your house as a whole.

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Exquisite stone slabs and tiles

Eagle Stones helps you achieve out of the ordinary looks on your house spaces by providing unique stone slabs and tiles.

We keep the largest indoor selection of stone slabs of Sarasota and Bradenton area, and travel to different quarries and suppliers all over the world to ensure our clients are presented with only slabs of the highest quality.

Not sure what’s the best stone for your usage? We have a guide to help you.







Flawless Installation

Once you’ve decided on an upgrade project and selected your picks from our unique line of stone slabs and products, you can leave the rest all up to us.

At Eagle Stones we do everything to make sure you have a flawless installation and an amazing end result, we even create a polymeric template of your stone products to test on your house before commencing production.

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Create Unique Interior Designs With Eagle Stones

Are you ready to start building your dream house? Regardless of which way you are going with your house design choices, we’ve got the right slab for you on our stock.




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