Natural Stone Selection

Natural stones are stunning natural products that can be used with versatility to embellish and improve any space of your house. However, if you’re already won over by their beauty and complexity, it’s possible you’re also confused amid hundreds of slabs and tiles that seem to be fighting for a place at your home. 

There’s no need to feel lost. This section of our site will guide you through the natural stone selection process, and we would like you to know more about them before making your big decision.

There’s a right stone for every purpose

The first thing you should think about before heading to a stone stock is the exact purpose of your stone installation

Different stones present different properties such as:

  • Porosity
  • Water absorption rate
  • Hardness
  • Maintenance requirements

These will make some stones more appropriate to specific purposes, and play a big part on your decision. If you’re on the looks for a new kitchen countertop, for instance, the answers to questions like: how often will it be used, and how many different people will be using it, will help you on the selection processes, by turning some stones more desirable than others.

Natural stones are truly unique

Once you refine your options by taking into account the desired purpose, it will be time to think about appearance and which of many different possibilities you will choose. As we’ve said before, no natural stone is ever the same and they will all offer you limitless combinations of colors, patterns and finishes.

It’s important that you take this all into consideration when choosing the right stone surface for your house style, else you might end up with a product that doesn’t harmonize well with the rest of your interior colors and design. 

To ease your mind into the process, you will find here in our website information about the best choices of stone for interior designs and decoration. While presenting each stone, we will point out where they are best used, and show you common and unique variations in their appearance.

We hope to empower you through the natural stone selection process. Selecting properly will ensure you get the beautiful look you desire with the durability you deserve.

Browse our specific stone guides below and get all the info you need to make the right decision. To get to know even more, you can download our ebook on stone selection by clicking here. Or simply come take a coffee with us on our showroom as we give you all the support you need.