Choosing the Right Sink

When renovating kitchen and bathroom spaces, after selecting your countertops, choosing the right sink is the first thing that comes to mind.

Choosing properly will have a significant impact on your life, since the sink is where you spend most of your time when on the kitchen or the bathroom, and it is your trustworthy aid on cleaning activities.

However, before being shot with hundreds of options of beautiful and exquisite sinks, we’d like you to grasp the basis of sink selection.

Sink types

Sinks are designed to be assembled on a countertop on a number of ways, and this can be used to classify them. We will talk about the main options.


A third design choice that is being more and more sought after are the vintage looking farmhouse sinks.

 These sinks present deeper and larger bowls that protrude out of the counters a few inches in order to give you direct contact with the basin. They certainly make your kitchen design outstanding.

Undermounted vs Top Mounted Sinks

Undermounted sinks are assembled below the counter and sealed under solid countertops creating a continuous flow design that’s not only gorgeous, but easier to clean.

Top mounted or drop in sinks are more common choices, easier to install, they fit above the countertop and thus present a visible lip around the sink’s perimeter. They are harder to clean, however offer a simpler installation that does not require reinforcements.

Due to the increasing popularity of natural stones countertops and its premium design, undermounted sinks are getting traction recently.

Vessel sinks

More commonly used in bathrooms, sinks of this type are part of beautiful vanity designs. The tradeoff is that counter space is lost on the process.

 Once you decide which style best fits your interior design choices, and your own personality, the next thing to think about is which sink material is best for you.

Sink Material

Sinks are offered in a range of different materials. Depending on your usage or your design tastes some will appeal more to you than others. The main premium sink materials are stainless Steel, granite composite and porcelain.

At Eagle Stones we offer a diversified line of sinks from different materials to best match your countertops so that when renovating your kitchen or bathroom with our beautiful stone slabs you’re left with nothing to worry about.

To see options of sinks for your house renovation and get to know more about sink materials and their pros and cons, see our guides bellow.