Granite: Stone Selection Guide

Granite is your natural stone power horse. This extremely hard and durable stone is surprisingly perfect for just about any application. Like if that wasn’t good enough already, granite slabs are fiercely beautiful and can be found in any imaginable color.

Where is granite best used?

Thanks to its high hardness and low porosity, granite slabs became the quintessential kitchen countertop. These natural stones resist wear and tear over time so well that they require little to no maintenance and last a lifetime.

There are simply no cons for using granite as a countertop in any space of your house, but that’s not all, these stones can also be used for flooring, shower walls, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, desks, tables and even whole outdoor islands.

Granite colors and variation

One might be led to think a bad side of using granite would be having to choose a simpler stone surface. However, that’s not even close to the truth. 

Although its “standard” appearance might be burned down really hard inside our imagination, a quick look through Eagle Stones collection of granite slabs bellow is sufficient for one to be amazed by all the unique patterns that granite can present.

Much more is available in our stock right now. Are you convinced granite is a good option for improving your home design while investing in your house? For the best selection of slabs and a reliable installation, choose Eagle Stones.

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