Onyx stones’ unique translucency differentiates them from other entries on our guide and turn slabs of this rock into unique head turning pieces.

 Thanks to its striking appearance and impressive patterns, interior decorations with onyx are capable of enchanting any looker, enhancing your house design with elegance and sophistication.

Where to use Onyx on interior designs

However beautiful these stones are, such beauty comes at a cost. Onyx contains calcium carbonate. Therefore, it is chalky and prone to etching, scratching and staining from acids such as ketchup, lemon, alcohol and household cleaners.

 For being a soft stone onyx is best placed where it won’t be much worn, and even so, it must be sealed properly to ensure that no stains ever ruin its stunning appearance.

 Nevertheless, once all is considered, there is still quite big a range of possibilities for the use of these stones, such as: wall cladding, bathtub top decks, vanities and even small islands.

Onyx appearance and presentation

Slabs of onyx can display many different patterns, and usually present soft pastel tones.

Its translucency is best made use of when emphasized by the use of back lights and under lights. The end result is simply overwhelming.

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 Check below some of the amazing onyx slabs you can find at Eagle Stones.

Ladys Dream 2cm - Super Exotic
Onyx Green
White Onyx - Exotic - Turkey