Semi-precious: Stone Selection Guide

Semi-precious stone slabs are unrivaled in their artistic beauty and exquisite quality, and certainly have their place on interior design projects. 

Their complex and interesting patterns make up for a design that never ceases to amaze you, as you continuously discover new details to love about them. Such characteristics are even more highlighted on some stones when under-lighting or back-lighting are added on its installations.

A simple look in one of these arrangements is enough proof that using semi-precious stones in your home’s interior spaces can create a delightful and luxurious experience. 

Semi-precious stones in interior design

With their dramatic colors and head turning patterns, semi-precious stone slabs can be used to bring luxury to many of your house interior spaces.

Recent trends have seen an increased usage of semi-precious stone slabs as table countertops, wall art, fireplace designs and even hung as art. 

Get to know some of the best picks for your home.


Agates are beautiful translucent deep colored gemstones that presents an incredible array of amazing textures.

Aside from being outstandingly beautiful, agate stone slabs offer great hardness, and can retains their highly polished surface finish for years.


Petrified Wood

You’ve heard of it, maybe you even know it, but you haven’t seen anything like an interior design that uses petrified wood slabs. It’s thoroughly remarkable. 

Petrified wood logs are individually cut, bound together and transformed into slabs by skilled craftsmanship. The end result is a beautiful stone piece that can present hues of yellow, black and brown and is harder than quartz.



Jasper gemstones are chosen for its unique rich colors, and baffling beautiful patterns. Each jasper stone slab is a masterpiece on its own, and can be used to lend awe to any interior design project.

Many more exquisite and unique stone slabs are available on our stock at Eagle Stones. We take pride in having the largest indoor selection of stone slabs in the Sarasota and Bradenton area, and a no equal range of choices for those looking for rare special stones. 

Schedule a visit to our showroom and choose some of mother nature’s finest creations to embellish your home.

Brown Agata - Semi Precious
Blue Agata - Semi Precious