Quartzite: Stone Selection Guide

Are you looking for a natural stone that combines a marble-like high gloss luxurious look and granite hardness and reliability? Quartzite is just what you need.

 Made out of quartz sandstone while compressed deeply underneath layers and layers of rocks, quartzite stone gets points for being even harder than granite.

 Although there’s sometimes a lot of misdirected confusion about its properties and uses, our guide will make sure you have all you need in order to decide if quartzite is the right stone for your house.

Best uses for quartzite stones

Being a very hard and solid stone, quartzite offers great durability and resistance to extreme temperatures. These characteristics turn this stone product into a very attractive choice for kitchen countertops.

 However, much like granite, quartzite can be used on everything. Recently, the stone has also been a popular choice for walls, flooring and stair steps.

Quartzite slabs appearance

Due to being composed of over 90% quartz, quartzite stones are normally white to grey in color. However, impurities caught on the rock’s formation generate a great variation on colors choices.

Quartzite stone slabs will present a sugary appearance with a glassy luster that’s sure to captivate any watcher. Moreover, wide-ranging veins run through the stone surface giving it an exquisite luxurious look.

Which and every quartzite slab offers a unique possibility of adding beauty to your home, and many of the stone’s properties can only be appreciated by eyesight. That’s why at Eagle Stones we have an unparalleled stock of unique slabs and tiles ready for your apreciation.

Schedule a visit to our showroom and we will be happy to show you around the best choices for your house. On the meanwhile, you can check out some amazing options of quartzite stone slabs below.

Travertino Silver
Sparkling White
Invisible White - Quartz
Calacatta Gold
Calacatta Classic
Beige Beuty