Quartz: Stone Selection Guide

Quartz has earned a place in this guide for being an increasingly popular option on the countertop market, and for the benefits it poses for those who use it. However, let us tell you first: quartz is not a natural stone.

It is a highly technological engineered material made mostly of the natural resource that names it: quartz. Yet, there’s a lot of confusion about this material and how it compares to natural stones, and we hope to make it all clear right now.

Properties and applications of Quartz slabs

Quartz engineered glory is that it presents the hardness and durability of granite while being able to look like other stones and materials. The material is non porous, requiring no sealing and virtually zero maintenance, it doesn’t stain and is very scratch resistant. 

It is very reliable and poses as a good choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom applications. Nevertheless, for not being a natural stone, quartz countertops require certain extra cautions. 

The material is not heat resistant, so it can’t be used to support hot pans and utensils without protection. And it is also prone to losing color if exposed to sunlight.

Quartz appearance

Here lies, arguably, quartz greatest strength, and the reason for its increasing popularity. While cheaper and harder than most natural stones, the material can be made to look like any luxurious natural stone slab, even if not hundred percent equal.

That makes it especially appealing for people craving for the splendorous grandeur of marble on their kitchen, but who want to avoid its high cost and maintenance requirements. 

With all its pros and cons, Quartz is a good option for well-informed people who know what they’re looking for. For that reason, at Eagle Stones, we offer a marvelous selection of quartz slabs from established and on the rise manufactures.

Come visit our showroom in Sarasota to get to know the best options and deals on quartz slabs and natural stones.

While looking through our huge selection, we will make sure you know all you need for choosing the best option for your house design.

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