I know this may sound like a bummer but there is more to choosing your next countertop than selecting stone, color and veining pattern. Although these factors get all the buzz, what we’re gonna discuss today is also a key element to consider for your home design.

Edge profiles for countertops are sometimes forgotten or overlooked as details. However, here’s something about details. They are everywhere, and much like your chosen edge profile, they can be responsible for really setting your kitchen apart.

Edge Profiles for Countertops: Main factors to consider

No matter what’s your decor style, some edge profiles will complement it and some can fully break the harmony you’re composing. Furthermore, they will also impact the usability and durability of your stone surfaces.

So before you can select the edge profile for your newest countertop, here are some points to consider:

  • Which one will suit your decor style better?
  • Are you willing to dedicate extra time for cleaning?
  • How careful are you with your working surfaces?
  • Are you ok with paying more in order to select a more complex profile?

Straight vs Curved Edge Profiles

This is another thing you should bear in mind. Out of the many options of edge profiles that are available, you will notice that some are designed with straight lines and some are composed with curves.

While straight designs will fit better on modern kitchen or bathroom projects, curved profiles adapt better to classic decor choices.

8 Countertop Edge Profile Options

Without more delays, we will present some of the best options of edge profiles for countertops that you can have your manufacturer prepare.


Eased edge profiles for countertops

Eased edges are the closest you can get from a perfectly square designed. A 90-degree design would turn out to be too sharp.

This edge goes well with most contemporary projects, being able to look great while blending in without stealing the show. 

¼” Bevel

1/4 bevel edge profiles for countertops

This beveled edge profile manages to add sophistication to a modern project without attracting too much attention.

½” Bevel

1/2 inch bevel edge profiles for countertops

Bigger bevels, like this ½” design, are able to enhance the look of a countertop, being a great choice for stone centered designs that aim at a classier look.  

⅜” Round

3/8 inch round countertop edge profile

Also known as the pencil edge profile, adding this slight radius to your countertop is a great option for traditional designs.

Half Bullnose

Half Bullnose Countertop Profile

A classic choice that won’t be too risky, being able to blend in better than the other bullnose options.

Demi Bullnose

Demi bullnose edge profiles for countertops

The demi bullnose edge profile features a bigger radius, able to bring in a thicker look to your countertop while also providing an interesting look.

Full Bullnose

full bullnose edge profile for countertops

A timeless classic, reserved for design projects that are clearly traditional.

The full bullnose also creates the impression of a thinner edge.


Ogee edge profile for countertops

Ogee edge profiles are the fanciest options on the list, although harder to achieve, and thus pricier, they are perfect for classic decors that are not afraid of making a statement.

These were some of the best and more renowned edge profiles for countertop options available on the market. Have you found the right one for your kitchen yet?

If not, you can also check out this great visualizer tool from MSI.

If you’re not sure how to choose, there’s nothing to worry about, our team at Eagle Stones will be more than happy to help you and show you around your choices on a visit to our showroom.