A Complete Guide to Quartzite Countertop Sealers

A Complete Guide to Quartzite Countertop Sealers

Unfortunately for many, quartzite is a porous stone – just like its cousins, marble and granite. This means that its surface features minuscule holes that pierce the whole structure from the inside out, being capable of holding leftover water, acidic liquids, and organic residue if not cleaned properly. In a home scenario, routine activities such as cooking, flushing, eating, and even brushing our teeth may pose a threat to the visual and technical integrity of a natural stone slab. This is where quartzite countertop sealers come in as the perfect solution.

In case you don’t know, sealing is the last step in basic countertop maintenance – creating a protective barrier atop the stone to prevent it from staining, cracking, and scratching over time. In this article, find out all you need to know about quartzite countertop sealers, from the best commercial options out there to a list of tips when applying them.

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What are quartzite countertop sealers?

The primary purpose of countertop sealers is to create a barrier that prevents liquids, stains, and other daily contaminants from penetrating the porous surface of the natural stone. When it comes to quartzite, there are several types of sealers available on the market – and the ideal choice depends on your specific goals.

Check out the main options below:

Penetrating sealers

Penetrating sealers are a popular choice for quartzite countertops because they create an invisible barrier that helps protect against water-based stains and moisture penetration while not significantly altering the appearance of the stone. This makes them a good choice if you want to maintain the stone’s natural look.

Enhancing sealers

Enhancing sealers can be used on quartzite to protect it from stains while also enhancing the stone’s natural color and veining. These sealers may provide a wet or enriched appearance, thereby making the quartzite’s colors more vibrant. If you want to highlight the beauty of your quartzite while providing protection, an enhancing sealer can be a suitable choice.

Topical sealers

Topical sealers create a protective layer on the surface of quartzite countertops. However, they are less commonly used on quartzite compared to other types of sealers because they may alter the stone’s appearance and are more prone to wear in high-traffic areas. If you choose a topical sealer, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application and maintenance.

Silicone sealers

Silicone-based sealers are water-resistant and can be used on quartzite to prevent water penetration and staining. They are generally good at repelling water and can provide a protective barrier while not significantly changing the stone’s appearance.

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Benefits of quartzite countertop sealers

Quartzite is a natural stone that is prized for its beauty and durability – some high-valued models even resemble marble, which only adds to its ever-growing demand. The good news is that, with the help of a great sealer, these characteristics can be further enhanced and withstand the test of time without breaking the bank

The main advantage of sealers is rendering surfaces more resistant to stains, as mentioned. By creating a protective barrier, they effectively prevent liquids, oils, and various substances from infiltrating porous materials. Sealers play a pivotal role in preserving the visual appeal of quartzite – as they thwart the formation of unsightly stains, contributing to a cleaner and more attractive environment.

An etched quartzite countertop. This problem can be avoided with a good sealant.

Another notable benefit of sealers is their capacity to enhance waterproofing. This attribute is especially critical for surfaces exposed to moisture or located in humid areas of the house. In interior spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, sealers act as a shield against water damage by keeping the stone dry and impervious at all times, thus thwarting issues like cracking, mold growth, fading, and deterioration.

In the long run, this extra protection not only preserves the quartzite’s integrity but also reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements, making it a cost-effective choice for property maintenance and increasing its resale value.

The 4 best quartzite sealers

When selecting a sealer, take into account factors such as the specific type of quartzite you have, the desired level of protection and appearance enhancement, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s also a good idea to consult with a nearby professional or supplier for step-by-step guidance on the most suitable product for your needs. Additionally, always read product reviews and consider factors like ease of application and durability when making your choice.

  • Aqua Mix offers a range of stone and tile sealers, including options for natural stone like quartzite; their sealers are well-regarded for providing excellent protection and enhancing the appearance of the stone.
  • StoneTech offers a variety of stone care and maintenance products, including sealers for natural stone surfaces; they have sealers designed for different types of stone, including quartzite.
  • Miracle Sealants is known for its professional-grade sealers and cleaners; they offer products that are suitable for quartzite countertops, protecting against stains and moisture.
  • Tenax is a trusted brand in the stone care industry, and they offer a range of sealers designed to protect and enhance natural stone surfaces; they have options suitable for quartzite.

Essential tips when sealing quartzite slabs

Before you make your choice, it’s important to consider other key points when investing in quartzite countertop sealers. 

  • When selecting a sealer for your quartzite countertops, consider the level of maintenance you are comfortable with and your preferences for the stone’s appearance. It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for application, resealing intervals, and maintenance to ensure your quartzite countertops remain protected and look their best.
  • Always perform a spot test in an inconspicuous area before applying the sealer to the entire countertop to ensure it has the desired effect and does not alter the stone’s appearance in an undesirable way.
  • You should reseal your quartzite countertops at least once a year, given how the sealant wears out the more you use them. For a quick test,  you can simply pour some water on the surface of your quartzite. The faster the stone absorbs the water, the more it needs to be sealed.
  • Consider hiring professional help instead of a DIY approach if you have never dealt with sealing practices before. While it may appear easy on paper, masonry products require meticulous handwork and attentive care to endure, so potential mistakes are best avoided. You don’t want to compromise the structure of your investment, after all!
The water test.

And speaking of professionals…

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