What Backsplash Goes with Marble Countertops?

What Backsplash Goes with Marble Countertops?

So you’ve got yourself a brand-new marble countertop – what now? Is the home renovation completed yet? Interior designers and stone manufacturers all over the world will tell you that there’s always work to be done, no matter the material chosen. But when it comes to marble slabs, the options are almost limitless – and today we’re here to tell you what backsplash goes with marble countertops.

Keep reading to learn some features that might spice up your place like never before! Or, if you’d like to read our complete guide on marble countertops, click here instead.

What is the difference between a backsplash and a finish?

First and foremost, understanding what a backsplash consists of is pivotal to choosing the best material to complement your interior aesthetics. Many homeowners are familiar with the term finish – which is also a common practice to upscale natural stones. Below, we’ve set apart the main characteristics of each improvement:


A backsplash is a specific area within a kitchen or bathroom that is typically located behind the sink, stove, or countertop. Its primary purpose is to protect the wall from splashes, stains, and moisture that can occur during cooking or other activities.

This can be made from a variety of materials – including tiles (such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, marble, or subway tiles), natural stone slabs (like marble or granite), wood panels, metal sheets, or even solid glass. As we’ll see in a bit, the choice of material depends on the desired aesthetic and functionality.

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At the end of the day, backsplashes come in various designs and are used to enhance the aesthetics of a kitchen or bathroom. They can be simple and understated or serve as a focal point with intricate patterns or colors.


A finish, in the broader sense, refers to the surface treatment or final coating applied to various elements within a space – therefore, it is not limited to a specific area like a backsplash.

Finishes can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, and in our context, countertops. They can encompass paint, stains, varnishes, sealants, wallpaper, texture treatments, and more.

A honed kitchen countertop with a backsplash covering the whole wall.

The primary function here is to protect surfaces – enhancing their durability and contributing to the overall aesthetics of a room. The main products on the market today include laminate countertops, epoxy countertops, honed countertops, polished countertops, and cultured countertops.

So, what backsplash goes with marble countertops?

Now that you know the key attributes of such an investment, you might wonder what backsplash goes with marble countertops. The answer is vast – as previously mentioned, there are many nice additions to highlight the natural beauty of marble.

  • Marble tiles: Classic and elegant, they create a timeless look when paired with marble countertops.
  • Subway tiles: White or light-colored subway tiles provide a clean and classic appearance, complementing marble beautifully.

  • Glass tiles: Whether in neutral or pale colors, offer a modern and sleek contrast to marble.
  • Mosaic tiles: Mosaic tiles made of marble or other natural stones can harmonize with the marble’s natural beauty and texture.
  • Metallic tiles: Stainless steel or brushed brass tiles can add a touch of luxury and contemporary flair when combined with marble.
  • Patterned tiles: Geometry can create visual interest and contrast.
  • Porcelain tiles: Similarly, high-quality porcelain can mimic marble’s appearance while providing better stain resistance and durability.
  • Granite tiles: Dark-colored granite tiles can create a striking contrast when paired with light-colored marble.
  • Wood backsplash: Wood panels introduce warmth and texture, offering a natural contrast to marble’s elegance.
  • Glass backsplash: Solid glass or glass tiles can create a sleek and modern look, reflecting light and opening up the space.
  • Marble slab backsplash: Continuing the marble from the countertop up to the backsplash can create a seamless and luxurious appearance.

Common design additions for backsplash

  • The color of the grout can significantly impact the overall appearance, allowing you to create contrast or cohesion;
  • The Herringbone or Chevron Patterns can add a sense of movement and sophistication to the backsplash;
  • Installing open shelves above the backsplash can provide a decorative element to display dishes or artwork;
  • Adding lighting beneath the cabinets can highlight the backsplash and enhance the overall aesthetic;
  • Incorporating decorative tiles or accents in the backsplash design can create focal points and visual interest;
  • You can also opt for a painted backsplash in a color that complements the marble countertops;
  • Wallpaper with a subtle pattern can be applied to the backsplash area for a unique and changeable design element;
  • Installing floating shelves made of matching or complementary materials can provide both function and style;
  • Mirrored tiles or panels can add glamour and the illusion of space in smaller kitchens;
  • Consider adding custom (maybe a family heirloom) artwork or a mural as a unique and personal touch to your backsplash.

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