White Stone Countertop: A Simple Guide

White Stone Countertop: A Simple Guide

During the last years, white countertops have been taking the interior design world by assault. The industry has been previously dominated by darker shades of countertops, mainly due to how easy they are to clean and maintain. However, with new technology on cleaning products, white countertops are back on the market. So what do we need to know about the white stone countertop world?

Choosing a white stone for a countertop is synonym of boldness and elegance. Few things open up the ambient like white elements, countertops included, and a kitchen with a clear white look is sure to make all your guests impressed.

So let’s discuss what options of stone do you have available, what is the best choice according to your project and how to care and maintain your white countertop to protect your investment.

White Stone Options

To make things clearer, let’s talk about each option separately first. Then, at the end, give you a comprehensive table with bullet point style information to help you visualize everything better.

Marble – The undisputed King of White Stone Countertops

white marble countertop

Oh, yes. It is impossible to think of white countertops without immediately thinking of marble. Its popularity is well known, and that goes for way beyond modern times.

Marble has been used for centuries in many cultures across the globe, and for good reason. Marble is a very soft and delicate stone, easy to sculpt and work with. It has been the choice of stone for sculptors and masonry workers, to make both delicate and heavy utility objects.

One of the hidden advantages is that it is very cold to the touch, which makes a good material for anyone who likes to bake or people living in hotter climates. Also, it is the “whitest” of all the options. You’ll rarely find a stone more pristine white than marble.

Prices vary greatly according to the rarity of the slab you end um choosing. Being a luxurious material, those prices will usually range from $50 to $250 per square foot.

It is surprisingly sturdy and resistant to cracks, given its delicate touch, so it makes for a good countertop. However, it is a porous material, so it needs to be sealed regularly. It also requires constant cleaning using mild and pH-neutral cleaners, since it’s very vulnerable to acidic substances.

Granite – The Most Popular Choice

white granite countertop

Even though marble is the first stone that comes to mind, granite is often the stone people go for. First, because it is slightly more resistant than marble. Second, because it is more affordable.

You might lose on that classic look and profound whiteness you can have with marble, but in no way is granite a bad choice for a white countertop. It more than makes for it in deepness to your ambient and classical look.

A pure white granite can be hard to find, but if you do, you can be sure to have a truly exclusive material, since no granite slab in equal to the other. They are very resistant and heat-resistant, ideal for a busy kitchen environment.

It is one of the most affordable options on the list, with starting costs usually starting as $40 and topping around $60 per square foot.

Granite, however, requires quite a bit of maintenance. Like marble, they need to be sealed regularly, and even so spills need to be soaked immediately to avoid stains.

Quartz – The Up and Coming Option

white quartz countertop

Quartz is almost perfect. And we say that with full confidence.

It may not be a natural stone, it is created with a combination of other types of stones with the addition of quartz crystals, bonding resins and pigments, but it is as good as any stone option available, and even better.

One of the biggest advantages of quartz is that it is naturally sealed! You will never have to worry about sealing your quartz countertop, and trust us, that is a huge leg up.

It is very resistant to cracks, chips and scratches, things that happen frequently in a busy kitchen environment. Due to its naturally sealed surface, it is also resistant to stains and spills. Quartz is extremely low maintenance, you’ll never have to worry too much about cleaning it, and when you do, a simple combination of mild dish soap and warm water will suffice.

It might have a higher initial cost, sometimes even higher than marble, although most popular options usually stay around the $50 – $100 per square foot price range, but the investment is well worth it.

But we did say quartz was almost perfect, right? So what are the disadvantages?

Heat is the main disadvantage of quartz. Laying any hot pans or utensils directly on top of it will cause it to slightly melt due to its resin like surface. For that same reason, quartz is not recommended for exterior use, since it will be heated by the sun and get damaged as well.

It is also prone to chemical burns, so be very careful with strong substances around it. What might be worse thought is that, if it ends up getting damaged by heat, quartz cannot be fixed. Take that into account and make sure to always use protective coasters with quartz if you decide to go for it.

Travertine – A Modest Contender

white travertine countertop

It might not be as popular as the previous options, but is good enough to be mentioned on our list. They come with a “tile like” appearance.

Travertine is like a close relative to marble, since they are both types of limestone. It is very resistant, but also very porous. It needs to be sealed frequently, and even so a simple drop of acidic substance will etch the surface. Being so prone to stains, travertine is considered to be a risky choice for white countertops.

The only upside of travertine is the incredibly affordable price, ranging from $11 to $35 per square foot.

Information Table

Price Range
(Per square foot)
Marble$50 – $250Requires sealing.
Clean with pH-neutral cleaners.
Resistant to cracks, but prone to scratches.The most classical and visually appealing option.
Granite$40 – $60Requires sealing.
Clean with mild dish soap and warm water.
Resistant to cracks and heat.The most popular choice, surely to satisfy its users.
Quartz$50 – $300Does not require sealing.
Clean with mild dish soap and warm water.
Virtually indestructible. Resistant to most forms of damage.An efficiency choice. However not as undestructible as advertised.
Travertine$11 – $35Requires sealing.
Clean with pH-neutral cleaners.
Resistant to scratches and cracks, but easily stained.Risky choice, with the only upside being the very low cost.

Choosing the right White Stone: Professional Help

Even will all this information, choices can be hard. You still have some other options of less popular stones, and even some other materials that simulate the look of stone. For your purposes and budget, sometimes those materials are viable options.

The best course of actions is to ask for professional help when choosing a material for your countertop. Qualified professionals can help not only choose the appropriate material for your project, but also help with the installation and maintenance of it.

And if you happen to be around the Sarasota area, in Fl, why not give us here at Eagle Stones a call? We can help you choose the best white stone for your countertop, as well as give you assistance to any other natural stone projects you might have.

Reach through our number at +1 941-227-2000 or email us at sales@eaglestonesusa.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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