How to Seal Quartzite Countertops

How to Seal Quartzite Countertops

If you’re here, it’s either one of two options: you may have an old, worn-out quartzite countertop to restore at home, or you just got one from a trusted provider and want to learn the best measures to extend its lifespan. Sealing is an essential part of any countertop installation (as long as it’s porous, as in the case of quartzite slabs), and the professional guideline suggests at least two sealer applications per year. At Eagle Stones, we don’t oppose the idea – but if you’re striving for a perfect outcome, it’s important to know how to seal quartzite countertops properly.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps of protecting your natural stone. If you’d like a complete buying guide on the best sealers around, click here instead.

Choosing a good quartzite sealer

Sealing quartzite countertops is an important step in preserving their shiny, glossy beauty and protecting them from stains and other potential damage. Quartzite is a natural stone that – while not as dense as granite – is still relatively durable, and properly sealing its porous surface will help prevent liquids from penetrating the stone and causing stains, scratches, etches, and even cracks.

When selecting a sealer, take into account factors such as the specific type of quartzite you have, the desired level of protection and appearance enhancement, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Any accidental mistake can cost you more than it should, and you’re doing this to avoid further damage in the first place!

Sealing is important to keep your countertop shining as if it were new.

It’s also a good idea to consult with a nearby professional or supplier for step-by-step guidance on the most suitable product for your needs. Always read product reviews and consider factors like ease of application and durability when making your choice. Some of the best sealers include:

  • Aqua Mix offers a range of stone and tile sealers, including options for natural stone like quartzite; their sealers are well-regarded for providing excellent protection and enhancing the appearance of the stone.
  • StoneTech offers a variety of stone care and maintenance products, including sealers for natural stone surfaces; they have sealers designed for different types of stone, including quartzite.
  • Miracle Sealants is known for its professional-grade sealers and cleaners; they offer products that are suitable for quartzite countertops, protecting against stains and moisture.
  • Tenax is a trusted brand in the stone care industry, and they offer a range of sealers designed to protect and enhance natural stone surfaces; they have options suitable for quartzite.

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How to seal quartzite countertops: step by step

Remember to follow the specific instructions provided by the sealer manufacturer, as different products may have variations in their application and curing processes. The effectiveness and longevity of the sealer depend on its quality, the application method, and how regularly you maintain the countertops. Weekly cleaning and deterrent actions, such as using cutting boards or trivets for hot cookware and sharp objects, can also help preserve the surface’s integrity.

Below, you can find a full tutorial on how to seal quartzite countertops. If you’re uncertain about any step, it’s advisable to consult with a professional to avoid potential mistakes and damage to your investment.

Materials and tools needed

  • Quartzite sealer (penetrating or impregnating);
  • Clean, lint-free cloths or applicator pads;
  • Mild dish soap or stone cleaner;
  • Soft brush or sponge;
  • Water;
  • Paper towels;
  • Plastic wrap or plastic sheeting (to cover nearby surfaces).
Cleaning your quartzite countertop thoroughly is the first step.

Clean the countertop

Start by mixing a few drops of mild dish soap or a stone cleaner with warm water. Then, use a soft brush or sponge to gently clean the countertop – avoid abrasive scrubbers or cleaners, as they can scratch the surface. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry the surface with a clean cloth or paper towels.

Read our complete guide on cleaning practices here.

Test the sealer

Before applying the sealer to the entire countertop, it’s a good idea to perform a small test in an inconspicuous area to ensure that the sealer will work as expected and that it won’t alter the appearance of the stone.

Apply the sealer

Ensure the countertop is completely dry – and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the sealer you’ve chosen. In most cases, you’ll apply the sealer with a clean cloth or applicator pad. Apply a thin, even coat of sealer to the entire surface. Be cautious not to apply too much sealer, as it can result in a hazy residue.

Allow the sealer to sit for the recommended amount of time – typically 15-30 minutes, to let it penetrate the stone. After that, wipe off any excess sealer using a clean, dry cloth or paper towels.

Repeat the process

Some sealers may require multiple coats for full protection. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the number of coats and the drying times between coats! After the final coat has dried, you can use a clean, dry cloth to buff and polish the surface for a smoother finish.

Maintain regularly

Quartzite countertops should be resealed periodically, depending on the type of sealer used and the amount of wear and tear. While sealing your countertops, it’s a good idea to protect nearby surfaces, such as cabinets and floors, to prevent any accidental spillage or drips of sealer.

Eagle Stones can seal your quartzite countertop for you!

If you live near Sarasota, Florida, you’re in the right place to hire the best team of stonemasons around. Not only do we have the right catalog of quartzite countertops for you but also offer the best installation and maintenance services in town!

Eagle Stones works with a variety of natural stones from all over the world – including granite, marble, onyx, and quartzite – and well-reviewed sealers that only professionals with years in the business 100% approve. We can even go to your home to give you a free estimate!

Get in contact with our team to start planning your next project today!

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